Draft 3D design for the musical sculpture
Commission for the Pinnacle Charter School, Federal Heights Colorado
An exciting new development is soon to get underway.
In collaboration with New Zealand artist Murray Swan, the Pinnacle Director of Music, Tommy Reddicks, is organizing a large Musical Sculpture to be created for the new Music Technology Centre at The Pinnacle Charter School.

The Sculpture will be a one of a kind piece that will be a fascinating combination of both modern art and music.

Draft 3D design for the musical sculpture
When complete the sculpture will serve three purposes.

#1) Enhance the musical and technical atmoshpere of the workspace with creative and thought provoking structural design.

Image - Draft 3D design for the sculpture

"Wave" detail
#2) Function as a unique musical instrument that is playable by many students simultaneously

#3) Shield the music technology station from other classroom activities.

Tommy Reddicks, Music Dept. Director
Please feel free to revisit this site as progress of the design and construction process will be continually updated.
For more information on the use of this sculpture and the music program at The Pinnacle Charter School, feel free to contact  Tommy Reddicks
For more information about the Pinnacle Charter School, please click here.

UPDATE : June 2005

A representative from the Denver Art Museum.
has viewed the sculpture and has shown interest in displaying it.
Denver Art Museum Expansion

Murray Swan, Sculptor For Newspaper articles on sculpture click here For more information on Murray Swan, please
click here

Trial layout of the Sculpture An element in progressThis is an element of the sculpture in progress. About 1400mm high. The next stage is the creation of a blue/green patina.
An element in progress An element in progress Another element of the sculpture in progress. About 1100mm high.Tubes have been swirl finished and crystal powdercoated The next stage is the creation of a reflective swirl finish on the brass surface. Flex mounts for the tube are made and then fitted to the tubes then installed on the fan background.Protective safety edge cappings are made and fitted to all sharp features of the fan.
An element in progress Element in progress More elements in progress. These are the mountains and the pacific waves. Colours are not true in these images.

Element in progress A major section of the sculpture, the large gong attachment to the main beam waves. This was a major milestone in the construction. Still a lot of work was required on these elements at this stage.

Almost completed sculpture. The almost completed sculpture installed in the Ohakune Primary School Hall.

Lots of adjustments required, but all major elements up and running. The sculpture was up for one day and then dissasembled and taken to Hamilton and packed into a 4.4 metre long custom crate. The packing alone took my Wife, Janet and I, 5 1/2 hours, as all elements had to be attached to the box walls with steel clips.

Completed sculpture. Voyage to a Dream. This major artwork is now( February 2005) complete, however the memories of it's conception, design, creation and installation will never fade from my memory. The whole process has been an incredible journey and l feel forever bound to the Pinnacle Charter School, Tommy and Kelly Reddicks, the exceutive, students and assistants there in Denver.

As the sculpture is played by the students, it will forever be "A work in Progress" and that makes it very unique and special for me.

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